BIGMAX Cranes By Drive Products

Recently Drive Products has taken over the BigMax crane line up.

bigmax cranes by drive productsBIGMAX compact cranes (TC series) have gained a sizable share of the North American small crane market over the past ten years. This success is due in part to high product quality, and an excellent warranty. It is also due to this crane market segment becoming more mature.

bigmax cranesBIGMAX cranes were introduced at a time when the small crane market was growing and expanding. Initially four models, the TC100, 130, 200 and 300 were offered to represent the most popular models on the market at that time.  However, it quickly became apparent that more models were needed to fill in the gaps between the existing sizes, and, most of all there was a demand for a larger crane with more hydraulic reach. Three larger BIGMAX models were introduced within three years: the TC160, TC260 and the TC350.4. At the time the 350.4 had the longest hydraulic boom on the market.

With strong, light weight hexagonal boom construction, a TC Series truck crane can safely lift up to 5,300 pounds. TC Series cranes come in 7 models with hydraulic extensions of up to 19.5 feet. These cranes can be powered by either a power take-off pump or a battery operated power pack. Designed for low maintenance, these cranes use US standard hoses and hose ends making them easy to service and maintain.

While sales of the smaller crane models remains constant, the growth is currently in the TC300 and TC350 models with a growth of twelve percent during the past 12 months. Contributing to this growth is the increased OEM use of the larger models as robotic arms to which specialized attachments such as shotcreting guns and post drivers are fitted. The heavy duty oil bath rotation systems on BIGMAX  cranes makes it particularly suitable for more severe applications of this type.

BigMax cranes are capable of lifting up to 10,000 lbs and come with a two year parts and labour warranty.

Drive Products carries BigMax’s complete line of compact telescopic and articulated cranes. BigMax cranes are suitable as material handling equipment and for a broad range of other industrial applications.